Frames and Lenses

At CJ Sabatini Opticians we provide you with quality eyeglass frames and lenses that fit  your fashion, finances and fun. We are a one stop shop eye care center where you are treated like family.

Here are some frequently asked questions about frames and lenses.

Can I bring a prescription from my opthamologist to CJ Sabatini Opticians?

Yes. Bring your lens prescription from any Albany opthamologist and we will make your lenses and match them to frames that meet your fashion and finance wishes.

Can I get an eye exam at CJ Sabatini Opticians?

Yes. We schedule eye exams by appointment. Please call 518-456-4883 to schedule yours.

Can my eyeglass prescription fit into any frame?

No. We have over 500 frame styles in stock and over 30 years experiencing finding the right frames for Albany residents. I am sure we will find a look that fits your fashion and finances.

How do I choose a frame?

We have frames that fit every style of face and personality. With our 30 plus years of experience we help you choose frames that fit your fashion, fun and finances.

How much do eyeglasses cost?

The cost of your eyeglasses depends on your prescription and style of frames that you would like. We have inexpensive economy frames all the way up to very expensive designer frames.

Do I need eyeglasses if I have contacts lenses?

Yes, we recommend that you have a pair of eyeglasses even if you have contact lenses. Contact lenses cannot be worn all the time.  Your eyes need a break from the contact lenses to let them breath. Your eyeglasses will serve as a back up in case your contacts are misplaced or irritating your eyes.

Frame Brands

CJ Sabatini Opticians offers a large variety of eyeglasses, over 500 frame and lens styles, and contact lenses from the following quality brand name designers to fit your fashion, fun and finances.

    • Kliik
    • XOXO
    • Dolabany
    • Caravaggio
    • Kay Unger
    • Evatik
    • Enzo
    • Fysh
    • Converse
    • Lucky Brand
    • O.P.
    • Columbia
    • Visions
    • Jones New York
    • Umbro
    • Greg Norman
    • Easy Twist
    • Vera Bradley
    • Jessica McClintok
    • Marc Ecko

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