Electronic Glasses

Electronic Glasses

Eyeglasses & Electronic Glasses in Albany, NY

Do you wear progressive lenses or bifocals? Are you tired of out-of-focus peripheral vision or the visible line across your lens? Now there’s something you can do about it. CJ Sabatini Opticians is proud to introduce emPower eyewear to the Albany region.

EmPower eyeglasses are electronically powered glasses that can adjust your prescription with a touch of a button! The glasses turn the reading power of the lens on and off when you touch the side of the lens.

We are also one of only a few opticians in the Albany region to offer emPower’s electronic lenses. EmPower eyeglasses automatically adjust the lens prescription for objects that are close, intermediate, and far away. This improves the peripheral vision of progressive lenses and removes the sometimes unsightly line that bifocals have.

FAQs about emPower Eyeglasses

Can I get emPower glasses in a stylish frame?

Yes. EmPower glasses are currently built with 36 frame styles, and there are still more to come.

Does the emPower eyeglass have a battery?

Yes. There is a rechargeable battery in the frame of emPower glasses. The battery lasts for 2-3 days and recharges in 2 hours.

How much do emPower glasses cost?

They cost about 25-30% above a high-end pair of glasses.
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